Information Security

ACI Federal™ Information Security Solutions offers tailored solutions to identify, evaluate, and improve the overall security of an enterprise, and of our nation.

Reducing risk and enhancing competitive advantage

ACI Federal™ possess a world class security service portfolio designed to defend against and mitigate the most vicious attacks along with creating a highly secured environment for the organization. We help organizations reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage by protecting their information assets and providing positive assurance on governance. Unlike other Information Security companies, our ability to meet the Information Security needs across industry verticals with commitment of quality delivery and partnering approach has been highly recognized in the GovCon Industry.

Information Security and Consulting Solutions include the following:

Network Security Audit

Website Security Audit

Wireless Network Security Audit

Mobile Security Testing

IT Security Compliance Audit

Advanced Application Security Audit

Security Design and Architecture

End Point and Data Security

Security Infrastructure Management

Security Policy Development

Source Code Review

Benefits to our Clients:

Improved enterprise security posture

Secured business data

Mitigate security risk with compliance

Efficient and streamlined security

Flexible service delivery models

Assurance of higher ROI on security

Security alignment with business goals

Reliable, scalable, and resilient solutions

Complete data privacy assured

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National Security Services: Safeguarding with Expertise

ACI Federal stands as a leader in national security solutions, boasting a seasoned team skilled in cyber and physical security countermeasures. Our expertise spans across a wide range of services including Intrusion & Malware Detection, Risk Assessment, Compliance, Disaster Recovery, and more. Entrust your security challenges to our A-team, equipped with comprehensive skills from Data Mining to Federal Investigations.

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