Penetration Testing

ACI Federal's penetration testing services are a cornerstone in safeguarding organizational assets against cyber threats. As an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company, we bring a rich history of delivering sophisticated penetration testing solutions. Our approach encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of risk assessments, ensuring that every potential vulnerability is identified and addressed. From web portals to network systems, our expertise lies in unearthing and mitigating risks that could lead to significant financial loss and reputational damage.

Robust Methodology in Penetration Testing

ACI Federal employs a detailed, end-to-end penetration testing methodology. We meticulously cover all phases, from information gathering and foot-printing to vulnerability assessment, exploitation, and thorough reporting. Our tests simulate real-world attacks with precision, leaving no stone unturned in identifying vulnerabilities. By presenting these findings alongside impactful countermeasures, we empower organizations to fortify their defenses against complex cyber threats. This not only prevents financial losses due to fraud but also ensures the reliability of business systems, safeguarding the organization's integrity and operational resilience.

The ACI Federal Penetration Testing Model

The ACI Federal Penetration testing services combine both manual and automated techniques to ensure any organization’s sensitive data is properly protected and that compliance requirements are being met. We present the vulnerabilities and risks to the organization by performing a real-world attack and recommendations are delivered for remediation with a detailed report depicting a complete view of IT Infrastructure Security. From developing a detailed plan, to performing the test and providing a full report, ACI Federal has the expertise to help improve any organization’s security posture with best industry standards and practices.

Penetration testing benefits

Penetration testing should be performed on a regular basis which evaluates an organization’s ability to protect its networks, applications, endpoints, and users from external or internal attempts to circumvent its security controls to gain unauthorized or privileged access to protected assets.

Intelligently manage vulnerabilities

Mitigate security risks

Increase business continuity

Preserve corporate image and brand

Evaluate security investments

Intelligently prioritize remediation

Avoid the cost of network downtime

Protect public relationships

National Security Services: Safeguarding with Expertise

ACI Federal stands as a leader in national security solutions, boasting a seasoned team skilled in cyber and physical security countermeasures. Our expertise spans across a wide range of services including Intrusion & Malware Detection, Risk Assessment, Compliance, Disaster Recovery, and more. Entrust your security challenges to our A-team, equipped with comprehensive skills from Data Mining to Federal Investigations.

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